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Capital District Beginnings | Services for Young Children with Special Needs

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I get my child evaluated?
If your child is between the ages of 0-2, services are provided through the Early Intervention Program. For the phone number of the Early Intervention Program in your county you can call the New York State "Growing Up Healthy" 24 hour hotline at 1-800-522-5006.

If your child is between the ages of 3-5, services are provided through the Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) of the school district in which you live. Contact your school district and tell them that you are interested in having your preschooler evaluated.


Will I have to pay for the evaluation?
No, the evaluation Early Intervention and CPSE is completed at no cost to families. 


Where will I have to go for the evaluation?
The evaluation may take place at your home or the early childhood setting your child participates in. 


Who will evaluate my child?
A special education teacher, speech/language therapist, motor therapist (physical or occuaptional), or a school psychologist may evaluate your child, depending on your concerns about your child and the age of your child. 


Will I be able to stay with my child during the evaluation?
Yes! As a parent you know the most about your child. You have important information to share with the evaluators. We also want your child to feel safe and comfortable. 


What will occur during the evaluation?
The evaluators will interview you about your child's skills in several areas of development (cognitive, motor, social, self-help, and speech/language) as well as assess your child through play activities. 


If my child needs special services how will I find someone to provide the service(s)?
In the Early Intervention Program a service coordinator will be assigned to you and your child, and she will help you find the service(s) you need. In CPSE, you work with your local school district chairperson and as a part of the CPSE team to fulfill your child’s IEP.


Where will the services be provided?
You and the service coordinators or CPSE will decide this. They may occur at home, preschool, the babysitter's, and/or daycare/preschool classroom. 


Will the service providers give me suggestions about how I can help my child?
Yes. Please let them know that you're interested, and they will give you ideas. 


 What if I work during the day and the services are provided at daycare?
How will I know what is happening with my child? You and the child's service providers will set up a system of communication that works for all of you. These may include the following: writing in a notebook, phone calls, lunchtime meetings, a home visit in the evening or on a parent's day off.